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Specialised Therapy. 1TR2

Specialised Therapy

Individual Specialised Therapy

What is Specialised Therapy ?
Individual Specialised Therapy involves therapy that is tailored to your individual needs.
Individual Specialised Therapy increases your understanding of your inner world and how it influences your relationships, in the past and in the present. The therapeutic relationship with the therapist is an important element in this therapy and provides the opportunity for you to identify and change your inner thought patterns, feelings and behaviours when relating to others.

Everybody Sees Feels and Hears the world in a different way. Some people are visual, some are Auditory and some Kinaesthetic.
Individual Specialised therapy focuses on how you communicate and operate in the world and clarify what is blocking you from achieving your potential.

It provides you with choice of or combination of modalities including:-

Advanced NLP
Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Whichever combination is most suited to your specific needs.


I practice from the following Address :-

2 Teehey Close

Mobile : 07720207249
Email: wirralandcheshiretherapy@gmail.com

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